2021 Daily Planner
Sarah Titus

2020/2021 Daily Planner
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Get organized fast with this 1000+ page daily planner, packed full with tools to organize even the most chaotic of schedules!

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Sarah did it again! She is amazing when it comes to creating planners. I look forward to this planner every year. She hits the nail on the head. I have used other planners in the past but her's is the best by far!

- Erin -

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2021 Daily Planner Daily Schedule
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The 2020/2021 Daily Planner Has EVERYTHING You Need to Manage Your Life & Schedule Once & For All!


  • A calm, stress free schedule, without any of the usual chaos and worry.
  • All the important information, goals and schedules at your fingertips and all in the one place.
  • Full control of your day, and breezing through your to-do list instead of frantically running around in all directions without any focus on what you are supposed to be doing.
  • The ability to wake up beaming with joy, instead of stressing and worrying about the day ahead.

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I LOVE everything Sarah creates because she takes such pride in her work, and the 2020/2021 Daily Planner is one of my absolute favorites! Not only is it filled with so much color & pretty fonts, there's tons of pages to help even the messiest, most disorganized person to get on track to a more organized life! Sarah has also weaved inspirational and motivational quotes throughout the planner, which serves as the BEST pick-me-up when you need it!

- Jacqueline -

Live an Organized and Stress-Free Life.

The 2020/2021 Daily Planner is your solution to taming the wild beast within and having the peaceful life you dream about.  

You'll start noticing you're accomplishing a lot more than you ever thought possible and THAT'S when you can enjoy life and have fun ... because you're not constantly rushing around all the time with your constant list of to-do's. 

There's a MASSIVE 1000+ pages in these planner printables!


2021 Daily Planner
2020 Daily Planner

You are Worthy of an Organized and Goal-Getting Life.

For a limited time only, you can get instant access to this ultimate 2020/2021 Daily Planner for just $12!

You will receive 1000+ pages including:

  • Cover and Spines
  • Year at a Glance Calendar
  • Hourly Daily Schedule
  • Monthly Important Dates Planner
  • Address Book
  • Encouraging Quotes 
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Weekly/Monthly Goals
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Focus Goals
  • Planner Stickers (17 pages full!)
  • Monthly Cover Pages
  • Daily Calendar/Planner (pages for every day of the year)
  • Monday Start Calendars
  • Inspirational Wall Art
  • 2021 Daily Planner includes calendars for Monday start!!!
  • ...and TONS MORE!

Beautiful colors. Print the pages you need. Very nice layout. Motivational. Great way to get organized.

- Kathy Colby-

Here are the Tools to Accomplish Your Goals

These life-changing planner printables will help you quickly and easily take charge of your life and schedule! Here's a sneak peek of some of the sections included ...

Daily Calendars

Banish the chaos from your life!

These daily calendar pages are the perfect solution to live the organized and peaceful life you have been daydreaming about!

Pages include: 

  • 2020/2021 Monthly Cover Pages Jan - Dec
  • 2020/2021 Daily Calendar Pages for Every Day of the Year
  • 2020/2021 Monthly Calendars Jan - Dec
  • 2021 Monday Start Calendars Jan - Dec
2020 2021 Daily Calendar Planner
October 2020
July 2020
August 2020 Daily Planner Divider
December 2020 Daily Planner
2021 Daily Planner Months
February 2021 Daily Planner Cover
Monday Start Calendar
January Calendar 2021 Daily Planner

Daily Planner

Ditch the overwhelm!

You deserve to live the most simple, peaceful, and effective life possible and the truth is ... that you can't serve your family, friends, and the world, if you're constantly rushing around. 

Your time is incredibly valuable! But unlike money, once time is spent, you can't just get it back. You can't earn more. So you really want to be productive and fruitful with what you're given.  

These Daily Planner pages in the 2021 planner are the perfect solution to organizing your life and time once and for all!

Pages include: 

Daily Planner Pages
  • Daily Planner - Sun - Sat + Goals for Jan - Dec.
  • Quotes include:
  • Don't Forget How Amazingly Wonderful You Are!
  • God Made You Beautiful!
  • Your Smile is Infectious!
  • You Are a Lot Stronger Than Your Realize!
  • You Can Do Amazing Things, If You Try!
  • This is Your Month!
  • Put Your Complete Faith and Trust in God!
  • Now's the Time. Don't Wait or Procrastinate. Do it!
  • There's Nothing That You Can't Do!
  • You are Capable of so Much More Than You Know!
  • Nothing Can Stop the Heart on Fire for a Cause!
  • You Have to Believe, Otherwise, You'll Never Make it!
Daily Planner
Daily Planner April
Daily Planner
Daily Planner August


The first step to achieving your goals is to write them down.

Use these super helpful pages to plan short, medium and long term goals!

It’s important to see what you need to work on right now, and how that is going to bring you closer to your longer term goals.

Pages include: 

2020 2021 Goals
  • Weekly Goals
  • Monthly Goals
  • Goals for the Year
  • Daily Focus Goals
  • Weekly Focus Goals
  • Monthly Focus Goals
  • Yearly Focus Goals
  • 1 Month Goals
  • 3 Month Goals
  • 6 Month Goals
  • 12 Month Goals
Daily Focus Goals
Weekly Goals
Goals for the Year
Monthly Goals
Goals for the Year 2020
3 month goals
Goals 2020 Daily Planner

Planner Stickers

These sticker printables are the perfect accessory to any planner or binder you have! 

17 sheets JAM-PACKED with 1600+ awesome stickers (color and black and white) including the most common planner words, months, days of the week, numbers for days 1 - 31, cleaning stickers & more!

Pages include:

Planner Stickers 2021 Daily Planner

2020 Planner

  • Rainbow Color Planner Stickers {3 Pages}
  • Black and White Planner Stickers {5 Pages}

2021 Planner

  • Rainbow Color Planner Stickers {3 Pages}
  • Black and White Planner Stickers {5 Pages}
  • Cleaning Stickers
Rainbow Stripes Planner Stickers
Black and White Planner Stickers
Rainbow Planner Stickers
Black and White Stickers

Inspirational Wall Art

This planner includes 24 gorgeous wall art printables with uplifting and inspiring quotes.

You can use them as...

  • Wall art
  • Binder covers
  • Binder dividers
  • Print on the back of calendars
  • and so much more!

There's a good mix of different patterns and colors for every personal choice.

Quotes include: 

2020 2021 Inspirational Wall Art


  • Spend Time on What Matters Most
  • You Can Never Have Too Much Happy
  • It Always Seems Impossible Till It's Done
  • Always Believe in Your Dreams
  • Happily Ever After Begins Now
  • Be Bold Be Silly Be Real Be Amazing Be Generous

  • Be Strong and Take Heart
  • Be Kind Be Free Be Open Be Happy Be Organized
  • In a World Where You Can Be Anything Be Kind
  • The Lord is my Shepherd
  • Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough
  • Life is a Journey Not a Destination


  • Never Settle for Ordinary
  • Plan a Happy Life
  • Collect Memories Not Stuff
  • Trust Yourself Believe in Yourself
  • No One is Too Old for Fairy Tales
  • There is Sunshine in my Soul Today

  • Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder
  • Planners Gonna Plan
  • Dreamers Gonna Dream
  • If You Don't Risk Anything You Risk Everything
  • Will it be Easy? Nope. Is it Worth it? Yes!
  • Stay Positive!
2021 Daily Planner Never Settle
2021 Daily Planner Sunshine Soul
2021 Daily Planner Happy Life
2021 Daily Planner Trust Yourself
Spend Time on What Matters Most
Be Kind
Gratitude Wall Art
Life is a Journey
2020 2021 Daily Planner Printables

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This pandemic changed my whole life. I went from being a single mom, to a fiancee...a social worker to a home instructor and social worker. That requires a lot of organization. This download has helped to keep this procrastinator on track and that's a huge accomplishment. Thanks so much for bringing some colorful organization to my chaotic "New Norm!"

- Romona Goodson -

Sarah Titus

Hi, I'm Sarah

As a single mom, yo, I know all too well what it's like to feel like you're constantly spinning.

Every day you wake up and you just wanna cry because you barely got through yesterday and today is a brand new day, full of more choices, decisions, and demands you need to be a superhero just to meet.

It gets tough. I get it. That's exactly why, three years ago I started creating binders. I needed a system that would allow me to organize my whole life. Just get it all out on paper so I could stop working the 80-120 hours a WEEK I was working! There was nothing online to help me, so I created my own!

My binders went bananas right away. Everyone adores them! 122k+ sales later, I'm able to offer amazing, super large discounted products like this.

My goal is to help YOU get from a crazy life, to feeling peaceful, cherished, stable, and settled in your soul. This 2020/2021 Daily Planner can do just that!

It's time to stop being frazzled and turn your whole life around. It begins RIGHT NOW!

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Love the planner soooo much. Its jam packed with soo many pages and information that can keep me going for hours when doing my blog planning. I love it! Exactly what i needed. The designs are super pretty too... so unique and stunning to look at :) Thanks Sarah xx

- Sadia Aziz -

Frequently Asked Questions


You will receive 1000+ pages including:

  • Cover and Spines
  • Year at a Glance Calendar
  • Hourly Daily Schedule
  • Monthly Important Dates Planner
  • Address Book
  • Encouraging Quotes 
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Weekly/Monthly Goals
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Focus Goals
  • Planner Stickers (17 pages full!)
  • Monthly Cover Pages
  • Daily Calendar/Planner (pages for every day of the year)
  • Monday Start Calendars
  • Inspirational Wall Art
  • 2021 Daily Planner includes calendars for Monday start!!!
  • ...and TONS MORE!


Instantly! Once you place your order, you'll receive an email containing your unique download link.


All files are sent using PDF format. Most computers have pre-installed Adobe Reader on them, but if your particular laptop, PC, or mobile device does not have a PDF reader of some sort on it, you'll need one to view the items. Adobe Reader is the most common one and it's free. You can download it here.


If you are:

  • Sick and tired of having a messy and chaotic life
  • Have lists and important information strewn about your home and can't find them when you need them
  • Have no focus and clear goals
  • Constantly feel stressed and tired because your current methods aren't working
  • Ready to take back control of your life and schedule, so you have more time to spend doing the things you love with the people you love most in the world ...

... then this 2020/2021 Daily Planner is for YOU!


Not at all. We suggest printing only the ones you need. You can use all the pages separately or combine the pages you need into one binder that suits your needs.  


Try looking in Downloads under My Computer or search the title of the files on your computer for where they could be hiding.  


Yes! All products in this store are digital items; nothing will be shipped.


The product is a digital download at this time. After three years of creating and selling my binders, I've found that having it as a PDF download works best for most people. This way you're able to create a binder that is completely unique to your family! Some people use all the pages, some people just print out what they need. You're able to customize the order of the pages or just use it as stand-alone printables that you use as calendars. There's no right or wrong way to use this! <3

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This planner is very colorful and vibrant it makes me feel happy and ready to start my daily, weekly or monthly tasks. I love opening it up everyday. This has all the right pages I need in a planner. It has a plan an amazing life page with all the right added notes on it. It has a great to do list for everyday of the week. It also has a daily schedule by time of day. Another page to jot down important anniversaries, birthdays and dates. And last but not least lined pages to jot down notes, thankful list, ideas, dreams and more. This is a great planner!

- Jessica Helmers -